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We provide professional transportation services using a range of vehicles that adhere to the standards of the international travel and tourism sector. For associations, businesses, schools, kindergartens, travel agencies, and commercial enterprises, transportation is offered on demand and is intended for both natural persons and legal entities. Nearly all of these services are designed for minibus and minivan rentals. Bucharest tours, team-building exercises, business trips, outings, pilgrimages, circuits both inside and outside the city, airport transfers, weddings, and other events are all examples of such occasions.

Quality is the best

Best Service

When clients were arranging their transportation needs, MINIBUS HIRE AYLESBURY UK provided
guidance and support to a number of them. You can count on us to provide the following service features:

  • A thorough understanding of passenger transportation
  • Presenting clients with the best options
  • Working with important stakeholders and sponsors
  •  Delivering unified solutions
  • Managing the tendering process on the client’s behalf
  • Maintaining contact with clients to address any additional needs or accessibility needs
Happy Customer
Finished Ride

We Provide Services for VIP Travel Needs

MINIBUS HIRE AYLESBURY UK has organized transportation for numerous VIP clients as we have a huge collection of luxury transport to meet the travel need of VIP clients. Our multiple years of working experience with VIP clients have only served to strengthen our reputation for professionalism. Royal families, prominent politicians, celebrities from the worlds of sports and entertainment, and Nobel prize winners have all been among our VIP clients. You can count on MINIBUS HIRE AYLESBURY UK in an amazing competition for the highest level of discretion and professionalism. You can easily rely on us as we are here to provide the following service features:

High-end luxury vehicles

Exclusive and private

Maintaining contact with clients

Security clearance and trained drivers

Professional staff

Drivers with comprehensive local experts

Additional needs or accessibility needs


We make their expertise available to our event customers to ensure that the synchronization of hundreds of vehicle types and thousands of commuters on the day goes as smoothly as it should. We have the flexibility to provide vehicles that meet the unique capacity requirements of each journey during your event while our on-site marshals are on duty to ensure your representative’s board and alight the customer support in a safe, efficient, and comfortable manner.

Our Portfolio

We Provide Consultancy Service

We are honored that, over the years, various projects have asked us to serve as consultants. We have multiple prominent Council members as one of our most notable clients. To make sure they receive the best services and vehicles, we have collaborated with them on numerous occasions.


Improve Your Travel Experience

We have comfortable seats in our luxury coaches at MINIBUS HIRE AYLESBURY UK Service; you will have a luxury feeling during your entire journey. Your journey will be more enjoyable thanks to the TVs, DVD players, and CD players that come standard in all of our vehicles. Additionally, our vehicles have air conditioning and restrooms, making them ideal for summer road trips. To discuss all your needs, please contact us

The quality of the coach is important, but a great coach is useless if the driver is inexperienced. We are
aware that it is not only our responsibility to get you to your destination but also to make sure you are
satisfied when we are done. Our drivers receive extensive training in providing excellent customer

We have established a strong reputation for offering specialized seaside coach trip services and first-rate
customer support. Airport transfers are a service we provide in addition to beach excursions. Contact us to
discuss your needs or to receive a free, no-obligation quote.

Would you like to reserve a private coach in our service areas? Your best option is MINIBUS HIRE
AYLESBURY UK Coach Service. We have a variety of comfortable coaches available for you, whether
on a short trip with your family or a long journey with your friends. No matter where you’re going, we’ll
make sure you get there on time and in consolation. We can transport you anywhere in the West Midlands
and the rest of the UK.

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